Cliff Davis


The video above depicts a home Cliff purchased in 2010. The home had been abandoned by the previous owner and it was only partially built. It had structural damage and needed much work. Cliff completed the construction project and the result is this beautiful luxury home. It is referred to as a European  inspired modern castle.

Tampa, FL

Many of Cliff’s completed construction projects are located in the Tampa Bay area. While he does have projects located all over the United States, he lives and works primarily in Tampa, Florida. Tampa Bay is located on the west coast of Florida.It has a population of approximately 350,000. It is the fifth most popular city in the US, based on where people want to live.


    The climate in Tampa is one of its most desirable features. It has tropical-like weather patterns. In summer, the days are hot with frequent thunderstorms. In winter, there is an occasional freeze. Average year-round high  temperatures range from 70 to 90 °F  and lows 52 to 76 °F.

    Tourism is a huge industry in Tampa. Due to its beaches, whether, entertainment, and arts. National events and sporting events are also responsible for the booming tourism in the area. The locals tend to understand the importance of tourism to the local economy and welcome visitors.